Claimant Cold Call Disability Confirmation

Do you want to see your claimant, we can be your eyes in the field. The Cold Call Disability Confirmation (CCDC) allows you to add your claimant to our CCDC roster and we stop by for a visit, without an appointment. You’d be surprised what we see and learn. Such things as: a home based business, home repairs, car repairs, doesn’t live there anymore, not following his recovery regimen, baby sitting, packing for vacation and activities not in line with his/her injury. You also get a picture of the visit and an emailed report.

We stop by when we are in the area on other matters. So we can do this for a flat rate of $110, and we actually talk with the claimant. If he/she isn’t home, no charge.

You can’t beat this program with any other field based alternative. Consider requesting the cold call before your TNCP expires.